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H.Y. group In cooperation with KKL, are excited to launch an initiative to plant an entire forest in Beeri!


The entire forest will be dedicated with a special dedication, in honor and prayer for the safe return of all the abductees and all our soldiers and security forces to their families.

We invite you to take part in the initiative and donate trees in your name or your loved ones in the forest, and be part of the restoration of the area and creat new life into Beeri.

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Beeri forest

At the end of Yom Kippur of  October 5, 1946, these areas were "conquered" by 11 settlement points, which came onto KKL-JNF lands and established "facts on the ground". This was the response of the Jewish community to the British partition proposal, which removed most of the Negev from Jewish control. One of these settlements was Kibbutz Beeri. Its founders planted the first trees in the area and buried the first seeds for the Beeri Forest - the largest in the West Negev forests.

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Planting a tree means we are here to stay, not going anywhere. Planting whole forest in Beeri - it has a multiplied meaning, for ourselves and for our enemies. The Beeri forest is a symbol after the events of October 7th, and after the forest was severely damaged in 2018 in a huge fire caused by an incendiary kite sent by terrorists.

Our Goal

Reach a donation of 4,000 trees or more that would be enough to plant an entire forest in Beeri, and dedicate the entire forest with a special dedication to prayer for the safe return of all the abductees and all the soldiers and security forces to their families. For the benefit of the initiative, the cost per tree from KKL is $5 via Paypal/ ZELLE, or credit card through "Giveback". It is possible (and desirable) to donate more than one tree in your name and in the name of your loved ones, and be an integral part of the restoration of the area and the planting of new life in Beeri.

DALL·E 2024-01-27 19.18.53 - A tranquil, miniature forest scene, with half of the trees ab

The Initiative

We in H.Y. group are always sensitive to the social issue, and since the events of 7.10 we give everything we can to help those who need it and to strengthen the people of Israel. So far, the group has donated and lent thousands of TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers to evacuees and families in need.
I'm Meni Dahan, 43, I'm working in the group for  13 years. Currently Head of CX and Digital, and a Board Member. You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and the H.Y. Group website.

The project is in collaboration with KKL and received all the necessary approvals from KKL.

DALL·E 2024-01-27 19.46.13 - A serene forest scene depicting a lush green, miniature fores


You can receive a certificate of appreciation from KKL for the donation in your name or in the name of your loved ones.
If you donated several trees, you can receive several certificates with different names, as the number of trees you donated. When donating, please indicate on the donation platform the names for the certificates and the email address to which it will be sent. Alternatively, you can send an email with all the details along with a screenshot of the donation to:

- If you are interested in donating on behalf of the company, you can donate through the specified platforms and at the end of the recruitment, recognize through KKL the contribution for the purposes of tax credits according to section 46 A. Please contact  immediately after donating at the email address above.

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